Flash and her favorite ball
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Puppies, Big Dogs and those people who feed and play with them...
Plenty of room to run, swim, play and train.
Kaitlyn, my awesome puppy helper.
The girls with their favorite chocolates!
Girls love puppies!
A boy and his dog! 

Autumn Storm @ 4 months
Kaitlyn with a 6 week old pup
Aiden with his new best buddy! (left)
Our new kennel building and play yard!
Need help with the dishes?  Get a Lab!
Dewey - kicking back in his new home.
Duke - a handsome dog.
Jenny - hiking with her family.
"Pretty in Pink"
Sam -  the "best dog ever".
ABOVE: Charlie going for a ride.
BELOW: Charlie after a day of hunting 12/09
Jackson Bear - reading is exhausting!
Lots of light, runs, and room for the dogs!
Sniffy - one of our handsome males.
Woody (above & below) another happy family dog, living the good life!  2009
Stubby above and below:  loving his new life.  Lucky boy!
Story and Collins checking out the new pups!
A few days old - so cute.
Kaitlyn puppy snuggling - a rough job but someones got to do it!
Scout doing a tough job - keeping the couch warm!
Beautiful Zoe - a happy snow dog!